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Molit was tagged Me to answer the listed Questions, and instructed me to give three answers on each question. But I want five(5) answers in each question..

T.Y. molit, at last i have ample time to post your tagged for me, sorry for the delayed hehehe..

Here’s the rule…

Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag three people in your list! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

1. Places I go over and over

  • Home
  • Office
  • Church
  • Malls
  • Bars

2. People who e-mails me regularly

  • Friendster Update
  • Lina from Jobstreet
  • SPAM mails
  • Entrecard newsletter
  • Client

3. Five of my favorite places to eat?
  • Jolibee
  • Penongs
  • Dimsum
  • Jaltan
  • Home

4. Places you’d rather be?

  • Bohol
  • Cebu
  • Hongkong
  • Canada
  • Singapore

5. Five TV shows I could watch over and over.

  • TV Patrol World
  • Iisa Pa Lamang
  • PDA
  • Wowowee
  • ASAP

I will pass this Tag to my dearest friends : GEmini, Cinderella and Lyzel

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