Dos and Don'ts: The denim edition

A quick how-to on wearing America's favorite fabric

source: Glamour under Fashion and Beauty


Don't make a mini even mini-er by pairing with heels. (If you do opt for the short styles, pair them with flats to counterbalance the hem.) 2. Don't let your denim dress you down: Had this girl traded her ratty skirt and fuchsia leggings for a crisp pair of cropped jeans, she'd be rocking a chic stripes-and-jeans combo.
3. Don't ignore one simple rule every woman should know (and this means you!): When wearing denim that is white, avoid anything too tight.4. Don't forget that, despite popular opinion, denim does not go with everything. Example number one is this woman's confusing decision to pair a bias-cut Western skirt with a pink lace top.5. Don't cover yourself head-to-toe with shredded holes. (What's OK? One--maybe two, tops--little funky tears on your favorite pairs of jeans.)
6. Don't go for denim dresses with tie-dyed washes or loud details. Stick to a clean-cut silhouette that will always be chic.


1. Try a fitted denim pencil skirt. It's just as sexy as a miniskirt but in a polished, uptown kind of way.
2. Find a style of jeans that works for you and stick with it--regardless of what's "in". Any pair of jeans can be easily updated with one or two trendy pieces, be it a cool army jacket or a bright bag.3. Pull off white jeans (before and after Memorial Day, thank you very much) by pairing 'em with a darker color on top. Add a colorful accessory to make your whole outfit pop.4. Try a classic A-line skirt in denim: The nipped-waist and just-below-the-knee hemline will flatter most figures, while the basic blue wash will go with just about every top you own.5. Aim for that easy, all-American look: crisp white tee and standard blue jeans.
6. Add a fitted blazer to any ol' pair of jeans for an instantly pulled-together look.

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Marisa said...

Wow!! Denim dresses are really looking stylish!! Like to wear them!!

poohgahk said...

hi marisa.. thnx for droppin' by to my blog.. hope to exchange link with you :)

AwengMoralBasco said...

Lingaw. Dugay nq la na-upd8 sa fashion. Nice post. :)

Louis said...

Nice denim... seems like they will never be outdated.

Princess Cinderella said...

wow nice post...i love the outfit in #4 in do' naku ang palda..hahaha...nice one updated gyud kah dai bah pag fashion fashion nah....hahahah...muah...ayo ayo dai