Learning is a Process

There was a time, way back on our college days with my boyfriend, it was really funny moments, when we had a long hours vacant time for our class. We decided to stay for awhile, watched dvd movies and had dinner in their house. Until he asked me to cooked "adobong manok" for our dinner. The funny thing is that my adobong manok turns to pritong manok hahhahaha..

I was challenged and decided to learned some recipes and procedures on how to cooked to his favorite foods. Until the time he left the country he still texted me and always asked me on how to cooked this kind of viand ( I knew he was only teasing me that time as if he never knew the recipes he was asking for hmmp..)and that made me challenged.

Early this morning I made a personal cooking book while waiting for the long hours of my working time. I wrote down the recipes and ingredients of my chosen Foods (Viands and Desserts).

I opened our refrigerator after I had my lunch, I saw 6 eggs and 1 can of condensed milk.. my mind think fast what these ingredients do!! HMMM.. I knew it, so I made Leche Flan.. My mom came around from her work, and brought 1 carrot and 4 sweet potatoes. I volunteer to cooked for it, for me to test if I'm good in cooking already. I don't know what's the name of the viand I made, here are the following recipes:

7 drumsticks of chicken
1 carrot (chopped in square shape)
4 sweet potatoes (chopped in square shape)
1 can pork and beans (alternative: tomato sauce)
sausage (alternative: hotdog)

Fortunately my family amazed.. My cooked taste good. :D

My boyfriend tasted my first cooked food for him last Sunday, we went swimming at Costa Marina. Wheew, thank God he appreciate what i cooked ---> "HUMBA, pata of baboy".. but actually, my father thought me how to cooked for it hehehehe.

Asawa Koo!!! i did it for you :p

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