Rai Rai Ken + Dark Night = WET (in Heavy Rain Falls)

Late afternoon, I texted my bf and decided to watch "Dark Night" at SM. Although I'm not fan of Batman or even Spiderman and Superman hahahaha!!! hmm I was also intrigue like what other people say about the appearance of Heath Ledger played the role of "Joker". Infairness to him, he did a good acting job.

Wheew!!! It was my first time to eat at Japanesse Restaurant, my bf brought me at Rai-Rai Ken to have our dinner before watching the movie. He ordered Ramen for him and Gyudon for me. I was having fun at the restaurant it's because they served "chopsticks" hahaha, I don't know how to used it..I gave an extra effort to learned from It grrrrrr.. it takes a lot of time, so I requested spoon and fork. My bf gave his effort in teaching me on how to used it..wheew!!! i did it, thank's to you DEAR hehehe..

The movie ended 9.30pm and my shift starts 10pm. The worst thing was, heavy rain falls when we got to rode a jeep going to office. "Toinks" I worked with wet pants and part of my shirt as well :(

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RoNaLd said...

whew. similar post ninyo ni aubrey ly ah. bitaw ayos kaayo ang batman ipartner sa jap fuds noh samot na sabay yayabs.hahaha. waaa.ako na lang tingali wa kita batman. yaw ninyo i-spoil ha para ayos. Sige ly labay ra ko. ;)

jigs said...

ayus ang batman kay sa ngit2 kanunay sila mag away. hehehe. naa pod koy post nganong nahimo xang batman ly. cge hehehe lamat