Dark Circles around the Eyes

I can't help it!! I am open to all of your suggestions and tips about it.

When I started working at night for 9 nine months now, dark circles around my eyes was formed and now i can't help it to looked in the mirror that each day it darkens and darkens. I know It is due to stress and not enough sleep ( Sleeping in the morning is not the same at the night).

Artificial cosmetics such as concealers will only helps hide dark circles. So I don't used it as an alternative one. This is only a temporary solution of course as the treatment has to be re-applied every day.

I am looking for a Natural Remedies of it. I was paranoid in searching in the internet how to/tips of removing dark circles around the eyes. Fortunately, One of the site I found gave me some ideas and tips about natural remedies for it, and I hope it is effective. Drinking lots of water and Putting cold cucumber around the eyes is the best thing to do. After I read the site, I immediately went to pantry and got my mug with water hahahaha.. from now on, I'll do it everyday and after my shift tomorrow I'll buy cucumber :D and I'll spend ample of time in sleeping.

I'm not beautiful as before because of this dark circles :( (ayaw na palag!!!)

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mygen said...

really?! Water helps lessen the dark circle around the eyes? And putting cold Cucumber around it, is the best thing to do? Oh I should try these natural remedies! By the way... Can I eat the Cucumber afterwards? nyuck! hehehe


. said...

hahahhaa abnormal.. if u want to eat then go ahead!! hahhaha