End Product: Stress

I don’t give importance when I hear the word STRESS. But later on, working during night for 2 years, I began to worry. I began to have my health check-up and began to decide to work in a normal working hours.

I am working in an outsourcing company, wherein my client prefers me to work with him during night hours in our country. Suddenly, I realized stress is not good for the health. I began to search about stress, what causes and the effects of it. Finding out that stress can cause cancer, I am alarming about my health. My daily routine has a big changed. You can see me for the whole day inside my room sleeping, living in the dinning room just to eat my lunch then back to sleep… its just like my world is not normal, felt that I am not a normal person.

Here are the effects of stress I encountered before: stress can lead you irritable person (because of less sleep). Some lose or gain weight. Memory loses. Feeling that you are losing control over your life, increasing tension or arguments with your partner, spouse or children, waking up tired and/or suffering from insomnia, not caring about your appearance, irregular bowel movement.

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