GoodBye Year 2008

Shall I say " It was my happiest Year " or " It was my most memorable year", Know why? Lots of memorable events that came hahahaha. Below are the lists why Year 2008 was the happiest Year for me.

Jan. 2008 - 25th Birthday ( another year round for me, my officemates surpised me with a b-day cake ).

April 2008 - ZipLine @ CAmp Sabros and Trekking @ Tudaya Falls ( with my cousins and their friends, brother ryan, with my officemate raquel ).

May 2008 - AnaMarina Beach Resort and Buenavista Island Resort ( with my cousins ).

June 2008 - Singapore Escapade ( with my hubby, after 2 years of not seeing each other, atlast this is the year for both of us ).

December 2008 - Bohol and Cebu Trip ( with my Officemates ).

These are the highlights of my Year 2008. More memorable events to come for this Year 2009 I hope.

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jean said...

hi ly,

hmmm goodbye to 2008 talaga...

Jan. 2008-25th bday? you look younger than your age,, dili halata ha,,, abi nku mga 22 pa lang,, 2009 na so you're turning 26..

Advance or Belated birthday diay.. mwah...

Stay pretty and sexy.. Godspeed!