New Room: color and style

Hey! I love my newly renovated room. I personally choose my own style and color motif of it.

My old room has 1 window (wood jealousy) with two corner sides (left and right), the color of my old room was pale pink (pheew! I don’t like it), has a hanging bulk cabinet in the other corner side and a red cement floor (kapoy lampaso!! basta pangit!! Bata pako mao na to akong gkamulatan hehehehe ).

Here it is: Sharing with you my idea in styling from my old room to my new room (Sana gi picturan nako ang old room).

I chose shocking orange/bright orange/neon orange whatever!!!! to color the body of my room (wla lang gusto ko lang ma iba hehehe) and bright yellow color as color accent.

I used Exhaust Fan instead of electric fan. Why!!??? To add more space, since my room is small and what good for exhaust fan is that the temperature of your room is like you have an air-conditioned room because of the air that came out (bugnaw!!promise!!). What I like this curtain is the color combination (red, light yellow,dark yellow) that also complement the body color of my room and the stripes are in horizontal, the silver rings of it also matches the silver curtain rod i put.

I removed the upper part of the computer table to make it simple and be able of the air of the exhaust fan that came out will distribute to the entire room. The bedsheet and pillow case was also matches my color motif and has a designed of big circles with different colors, since my curtain designed horizontally stripe.

In this side, to make used of the removed upper part of the computer table, I made it as a table for my "kikay" stuffs and under of it are my shoes/sandals. Beside of it, is my dark blue portable cabinet. I also put frames on the wall and picture frames, a jar with a bamboo sticks in the corner side to add more accent of the room. I differently put my mirror not in horizontal angle but in vertical angle.

I hope you like my idea in styling my room :)

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M.I.M.O.T said...

pamati kag kwarto!!!!!!! ganahan bitaw pud kog orange, yellow ug apple green para sa room dai... ikaw najud ^:)^ nice nice..

poohgahk said...

hahahhaa wla lang. nag ka idea ko ana tungod sa neon orange nga folder sakong papa hahaha

Rayland said...

astig!! ganda ng color..

san galing ung hangin? sa labas ba?

poohgahk said...

ahhehee salamat at na appreciate ang color hehehe.. hmm galing sa kwarto ng parents ko pero d naman aircon yung room nila basta malamig lang ang buga ng exhaust fan cool noh pwede na d mag aircon hehhehe

roy van said...

agi lang ko..jeje..ayus rum mo bai...