Escapade: Singapore Experienced

I'm back!!! came from a long vacation... sharing you my experiences at Singapore.

I had experienced the fast beat of my heart when we ( me and mother of my bf) arrived at Changi Airport, knowing that my bf was waiting for us. I didn't noticed he was standing infront of us, until he approached and carried all our baggage. I was too shy to approached him at that time co'z i really don't know what to say until he was the one who gave me a huge hug "toinks" and we had an ample of time talking like "kamustahan" ever. I was very happy to saw him again after 2 years being apart from each other, the feeling cannot be measured by tape measure or any measurement hehehe..It was a great moment and happy experienced as well that i also been in Singapore just to be with my bf ( thnx to his sistah).

Singapore life is not an easy life. Experiencing to lived there for almost 2 weeks, i could conclude that Singapore has a high cost of living unless you will earn SG Dollar and work there.

Sharing with you some captured pictures with my bf during my Singapore escapade or feel free to visit for more pictures

At the back of us is the "Esplanade Theater" the durian like structure

Going to "Sentosa" ( riding a cable car)

UnderWater World still in "Sentosa"

Watching Dolphin Show @ Dolphin Lagoon "Sentosa"

Night at Esplanade

outside Vivo City Mall

Singapore Zoo ( obvious)

starbucks @ Bugis Junction

"Fountain of Wealth"
The World's Largest Fountain at Suntec City

Departure time (back to Philippines)

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NEW FACES said...

Pak! Sosyal! ^:)^ ikaw na jud na gurl.. unsaon na lang atong singapore trip dira.. dili na jud ka ma reach gurl ba.. kuyuga mi sunod gurl beh datu bitaw ka kaau na libreha lang gud mi gud.. ingna imong bf librehon mi.. :D hehehehe

. said...

unsaon nalng ka gurl comment comment human i pa delete wa jud kay ayo gurl hahayz hehhe

Princess Cinderella said...

hello lyra...kuyawa oi singapore gid oi....hahahyyy..pait ning ldr(long distance relationship) noh?pero ok rah..i know you love each other eh...mao d i nah sya???hmmmm taga ama gid oi..hehehe....kaila d i ko sa iyaha face dai...hoi ikaw bah was gyud ko nimo gidalhan pasalubong bah.....muah ayo ayo girl nice template

-mOlit- said...

hala na lagi nay new faces diha??? Sosyala nimo gurl oi.. ulaw man sad ta.. from asia to hollywood.. charmos oi..bow na zud ko nimo gurl!!!hahah..

hmmm.. how sweet to asawa nimo oi.. padayon sa paglambo gurl..

then... agree way ayo ang isa ka gurl... padelete2x pa zud.. erang!...haha.. peace...

see yah around... asa napus kaya ka sunod dai?...hmmmm...????

. said...

hahahha nangangkon lang ba ko dai, na asawa ko hehehe.. i seldom called him asawa ko wla lang echos lang gud

oo bitaw er-ang kau ang isa mau pa wla nag comment hehehe.. sosyal noh taga new faces nag comment sakong blog c hilary man ata na dai

uswag jud aron molambo pa hhahaha.. enks for droppin' a message ;)

jim said...

this is my comment....