For the Survival of a Long Lasting Relationship Private Privacy is Important

It is important to spend quality time together but it is equally important to give space to each other. Let him go hunting while you go shopping. Each of us like to do certain things that our partners don’t like and for that we need to give space to each other. If one likes fishing then the other need not hang around to watch the catches. We can always encourage and give space to our partners to do the things they like.

People in a happy relationship always don’t cling to each other all the time; they give space to each other. Too much of sweet never gives you the taste! Thus too much of togetherness too gets cramping. You don’t have to be together all the time to keep your relationship intact. Be together yet give space to each other. Encourage each other to spend time for the things they like. If possible try to establish a set time for this purpose. Perhaps you could plan out every Friday night as a single night when you and your partner could do things you like to do on your own. But one thing you should always remember; Trust your partner. To keep a relationship healthy there has to be trust between the partners. There has to be an open positive exchange of trust. If this is lacking then you need to contemplate over it. If you keep drilling your partner and always try keep an account of what he/she did last night then you are actually not giving the needed space. You should learn to trust.

There should be openness in your relationship so that both can spend time on their own without the guilt of ignoring each other. It has to be a mutual agreement. Spending time with the company of others such as other family members, friends and colleagues is equally important. You should never pretend to give up meting your friends; family you love or give up activities you love, that shouldn’t happen. Never deprive yourself of the things you like as you will never be happy with yourself and your partner.

You need to love yourself first before you love somebody else. When you are on your own you are able to understand yourself better and your relationships with others. Therefore it is very important to spend time alone without your partner. When you are alone you become the individual you that your partner loved you for. Give space to yourself and don’t lose your identity. All of us need time in aloofness to understand and know ourselves better, to do the things we enjoy. It is only then we can be our individual self in love with ourselves and our partners. It is the key to a healthy relationship.

How can you miss your lover when you are always clinging to each other? You have to be apart to miss each other and know the depth of your love .It is only when you are away from your lover you realize how much you love him/her.


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-mOlit- said...

korekong gyud gur... trust is very important factor to survive in a relationship...maskipag duol tapos walay trust.. dili japon healty ang relasyon..char... and mas ma love zud nimo cya if somehow layo mo... basta lahi ra..haha... ug hmmmm.. dapat zud hatagan ug space and isat2x isa to grow up... better man na dili mo permi kauban para daghan mo ma share sa mga panghitabo sa nyo life...haha... murah korek noh...

god bless gurl... amping!

good luck sa imong dear...hehe

Raqski said...

huhuhuhu.. hahayz.. wala pa gani ka sugod ug comment naghilak naman nuon..:D

yes, tinuod jud ni gurl ai. dira jud ninyo ma try kung love ba jud ninyo ang isa't isa. coz maski pa lagyo mo kung TRUE LOVE jud maski pa asa mo ibutang he/she will remains special to you! pero kung Infatuation lang na gurl, mas better ayaw na lang pag dahum na faithful na xa ai!

kasakay kaau ko ani gurl kay mao ni nahitabo sa akoa ron ang naka pait lang ning give up naman! waaaaaaa! abi nako LOVE dili man d i.. pwe!

As long as you trust and love each other nothing is impossible. and if you guys are meant to be maski asa pa mo ibutang fate na mismo ang mag lead para ma cross inyong mga landas.

It's okay na lagyo mo gurl as long as kabalo mo sa inyong limitations diba? hmmmm dapat lang jud open mo sa isa't isa..

God Bless gurl.. and we wish you both good luck! maau pa ka gurl.. ako? mag hulat na lang ko till Mr. Right comes my way.. :D kung kanus.a to? hmmm mao na ang wala nako

luv yah gurl! mangaon d i ta gurl.. kaw lang man nagkaon2 dira.. tapad baya ta.. saon na lang akong comment ani ron.. ;))

jophilsuperman said...

Bongga talaga kayo well-experienced n tlaga kayo ha hehehe... hmmmm... unsa mn favorite flavor nimo ug condom gurl? ehehhe joke lng... kayo tlaga mapatrue luv true luv pa kayo jan hmmmm...kunsabagay gawain ko rin yan dati hehehe... :) mabuti nga yung nag iingat hehehe use trust hehe