Busy SaTuRdAy

BADMINTON game is always a badminton game for us ( every saturday after work ) with me are raquel, molit, gemini, mylene, tes and jocel. After playing we had our meryenda time @ FAMOUS,tes treat us LUMI.. ( may bonus kac cya sa client nya kaya libre nya kami hehhe ). So while eating we decided to had night out 8 pm @ idol GRill ( F. Torres ), all are agreed and i texted other agents who wants to join, fortunately there are some who replied to me. After our day activity, i go home and ate my lunch then ZZZZzzzzzzzz .... went to bed, slept until 7pm.

OMGT!! check op.. busy phone.. annoying alert message!!!

pa load po, all txt lang.. replying all the messages i got from them (officemates).

Idol Grill is a place where a group of peeps chatting, eating, drinking (alcoholic drinks), listening musics (bands).

That night was the most enjoyable night for me with my officemates ;). I had also friends there hanging around like my schoolmates way back my high school days.. also pangeet.. i saw him accidentally (after 4 months di kami nag kita). I approached him and i dropped by to their table took a shot of RH. We exchanged thoughts, short update about our own lives for the past 4 months.. Kamustahan EVER!!!

.. to satisfied our stomach hehhe.. we went to KUSINA DABAW and ate LUMI (again, hahahah). this time, KKB (kanya-kanyang bayad) na ang bayad... we end up early morning of sunday around 5 am.

Here are some of the Pics @ idol GRill..

From left to right: Raquel, ME, Molit, Ale and Leo

Tantalizing EYES

Big SMILE Jocel with Tes

From left to Right: Tes, Michael and Leo

Got headache JAY??? with busy Jocel texting ( hmmm cno kaya txt niya )

Smoking is DAngerous to your HEALTH Jhowell tsk tsk tsk tsk

Gurl, Are you drunk???

4 bottles down by JAY!!!!

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mark ian said...

Yes! una ako.. heheehe...hmmm anu kayang magandang comment.. hmmm hirap kasi mag isip, medyo pagod na ako ngayon... baka mapagkamalan pa na spam tong comment ko... ok, eto na.. isa lang masasabi ko... sana sinama mu si mai. at least para makalabas naman ng bahay yun. haha.. ang ganda pa rin ng blog mu ate, parang sa Multiply.. jowk.. hehe.. Weekend well-spent tlga... hmmm, sure ako na mauulit eto next sat...bumabalik na sa pagiging party gurl si ate...jowk. haha.. ;)

finding_mimot said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mimot said...

waaaaaa likeness the night. daghan au nahitabo super. although wala ko nagstay sa inyoha pero naa jud koy giasikaso kay gubot na au ako life now. uki rana carry paman nuon. waa si jay nag iniro oi! werla au ka jay pag sure oi! jubog2 tubig ra gani imong giinom nyahahahahah. na enjoy ko sa night. medyo nangiro ko dala lang to sa kahubog nyahahahah sarap ulitin.. nyahahahha likeness